There are plenty software projects that read XML configurations from files or network streams to provide configuration and initialization of the system.

There are many ways of doing this common configuration stuff. XML 2 Java Binding (X2JB) tool was designed with simplicity and cleverness in mind to make these common configuration tasks very simple.

The tool was developed with extensibility intent so it can be extended to unpredictable boundaries and easily used in many software projects.

X2JB Java tool consists of three basic components:

  • X2JB Core - provides the full implementation of binding mechanism that is independent from used binding provider
  • X2JB Default Handlers - binding handlers for frequently used Java objects and primitives
  • X2JB Providers - provider implementations that come with this project:

The last two components are part of X2JB extensibility mechanisms - user can use delivered ones or he can write his own.


See the API documentation for more information about X2JB classes and interfaces.

Samples directory contains X2JB demonstration source code which shows the basic functionality. You can view the samples also directly from the SVN repository via the web-based repository browser web site, or can use SVN to download the files.


X2JB 2.0 Release (19-th June 2009)

X2JB 2.0 is another major release and has proven to be a stable one.

X2JB 1.0 Release (3-rd April 2007)

X2JB 1.0 is a major release and has proven to be a stable one.


The most recent X2JB release is available from sourceforge.net via the regular download page.